Operational expertise

ROCK: Asset optimization strategies

Continuous Optimization Plans focused on increasing project return and reducing risk.

Engineers pointing at a wind turbine.

Revenues increase

  • Power curve improvement, WSM re-assessment, retrofitting
  • Energy availability enhancement
  • Misalignments correction (Yaw, Pitch, Power Curve)
  • Renegotiation of the grid access conditions
  • Energy selling strategies
  • Substation protections’ calibration
  • Response time, stock management
  • Asset Life strategy including life extension, partial and full repowering
  • Hybridisation and storage
  • Curtailment management
  • Enhance energy forecast to reduce deviation cost

Financial optimization

  • Redefine repayment calendar
  • Raise/renegotiate/extend debt
  • Restructure interest rate swaps
  • Optimize equity / shareholder loans mix. Simplify structure. Merger of SPVs with potential tax upsides. Tax consolidation with SPVs
  • Optimize distributions mechanisms
  • Monitoring of debt covenants. Factoring of invoices. Optimization of timing of payments.
  • Refinancing of hedging strategies (instead of restructure interest rate swaps)
  • Tax consolidation & restructuring transactions - merger
A wind turbine.
A wind turbine and a car.

Cost reduction

  • Synergies of a large portfolio
  • Renegotiation of the main contracts
  • Insurance framework agreement
  • Tender at portfolio level (i.e. civil works…)
  • Reactive power management
  • Local taxes renegotiation
  • Renegotiation with landowners
  • Market volatility and cannibalisation

Risk reduction

  • Health & safety
  • Environmental
  • Administrative
  • Regulatory
  • Stakeholders
  • Security
  • Technological
  • Weather conditions
An engineer by a solar panel.