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Operational expertise

We are technical experts first and foremost, focusing on data-driven portfolio operation and development

Technical excellence and continuous innovation are paramount in the current market environment

Our team encompasses experts in engineering, machine learning, energy assessment and O&M. On average, each member of this team has over 15 years of experience.

Central to our work is that we are technology agnostic, collaborating with all of the major wind and solar OEMs.

What’s more, we have boots on the ground in four different continents, and nine different countries - USA, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey.

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The ROCK optimization strategy

We increase project returns and reduce risk through a unique asset optimization strategy that we call The ROCK.

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“Our technical expertise has been honed through the successful development, construction and operation of around 11GW of wind and solar assets worldwide.”

Our unique asset management platform analyzes and optimises performance - in the past, present and future

To fine-tune the technical performance of our assets, we continuously innovate and take advantage of advanced, data-driven approaches.

An example of this innovation is our unique BlueSky monitoring platform which helps us to analyse and optimise performance – in the past, present and future.

Using data analytics and machine learning, we pinpoint anomalies, monitor and troubleshoot performance and detect issues before they occur. This approach is proven to increase asset availability, energy production and returns.

We provide full oversight on asset performance, via complete and transparent reporting to our investors.

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