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Viseu / Coimbra, Portugal

Site Manager


·          Local management and inspection of the general condition of the plant.

·          Accompany the Client, the public authorities or the electrical  distribution company to the facilities.

·          Team support in land management and communication with the parties  involved.

·          Being available for visiting the plants in case of emergency.

·          Request offers from third companies for civil works repairs,  inspections and supervising the works.

·          Support locally the proper data acquisition and telecommunication.

·          Verify and classify alarms or events daily and analyse historical data  from SCADAs, analysis of alarms and trends of variables.

·          Monitoring of maintenance plans.

·          Prepare annual spare parts consumption table.

·          Wind Turbine Audit.

·          Conduct frequent meetings with the maintainer and report.

·          Evacuation infrastructure management.

·          Plan and manage grid and substation outage, communication with control  center and O&M provider to ensure safe and efficient operation.

·          Completion of daily work parts.

·          Support for reporting teams in the collection and processing of data  from plants such as BOP events, planning status, classified Logbook.

·          Preparation of data processing reports of SCADA, work order analysis  and logbook.

·          Ensure the completion of the regulatory inspection schedule.

·          Ensure that contract workers carry out their tasks under appropriate  security conditions.

·          Carry out an H&S audit of the most critical personnel and work.

·          Report to the team any risk situation, serious or not serious.

·          Ensuring all aspects of Employee´s H&S, such as correct use of  PPE, regarding internal procedures or review the general condition of vehicle  company, respect speed limits and driving breaks.

·          Participate in the preparation and implementation of annual  optimization plans.

·          Support the company in the technical assessment of potential asset  acquisition.



·          +2  years of experience in maintenance of solar or wind power plants.

·          Work  experience in industrial facilities preferably related to power generation.

·          Previous  experience in O&M of wind farm and/PV plant is appreciated.

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